Saturday, September 22, 2007

Best Restaurants List ( Boston ) - Picks by a Local Foodie

I am a Chowhound reading, Zagat eschewing foodie. If you know that expensive is not always good, and like a combination of local haunts and some tourist spots (we are after all tourists), then this is the list for you.

Here are my top picks for the food savvy visitor conveniently mapped out on Google Maps. I selected restaurants that were convenient to tourist attractions, and serve food that you won't find elsewhere. Impress your Boston foodie friends and eat where the people in the know eat!

Best Restaurants in Boston - Visitor's Guide

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Best Restaurants in Boston (list format):
Christina's Ice Cream - Best ice cream! (Inman Square, Cambridge)
Clio Restaurant - Most Creative, try the tasting menu (Back Bay)
Croma - Bar and Pizzaria if you must eat on Newbury (Newbury Street)
Eastern Standard - Meal before a Red Sox Game (Fenway)
Flour Bakery and Cafe - Famed Sticky Buns(South End)
Giacomo's - If you must have Italian (North End)
Hungry Mother - Southern Influence (Kendall Square)
J.P. Licks - Good ice cream on Newbury (Newbury Street)
L.A. Burdick's Chocolate - Best Hot Chocolate (Harvard Square)
L'espalier - Boston's Finest (Back Bay)
Neptune Oyster - Oysters and lobster roll here! This is Boston!(North End)
Petite Robert Bistro - Meal before a Sox Game (Fenway)
Rendezvous - New American - My favorite (Central Square, Cambridge)
Tea Luxe - It's a local chain but nice to stop here and recharge (Newbury Street)
Tony's Clam Shop - Best fried clams (Quincy)
Toro - Tapas and drinks (South End)

If there are particular ethnic foods that you are craving (depending on where you're from), refer to my best lists.

Best Dim Sum Restaurants

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Purchase Before you Visit Boston
I highly recommend this street map of Boston and Cambridge which will come in handy as you explore the city. I used this when I first moved to Boston. Others are fun reads to get yourself into the spirit of bean town!


Esteban said...

Curious to find out where you think has the best lobster roll....

mini said...

Hi Esteban, Neptune Oyster has great lobster rolls. They do both a hot roll as well as the more traditional cold lobster roll. Though, I imagine good lobster rolls are better had at lobster shacks! ... I haven't spent that much time out on the New England coast so I haven't found particular favorites yet.

Anonymous said...

Excellent if slightly upscale lobster rolls can be had at B&G oysters in the South End. Also Jasper White's Summer shack does a fine job. As has been previously stated, the coastal shacks do best particularly in maine.

Anonymous said...

kelly's roast beef at revere beach has delicious lobster rolls