Monday, June 25, 2007

Best Sichuan Restaurants in Boston

Sichuan cuisine seems to have gained popularity in Boston. I guess spicy cuisine is loved by all :) Here are the favorite haunts of Chinese expats in Boston.

Sichuan Garden - The original though not as good these days. They do have a good melon dish that you can't find elsewhere though.
Sichuan Gourmet - My new favorite. 2 locations in Framingham and Billerica. Apparently spun off from the chefs at Sichuan Garden.
Zoe's - Great hole in the wall place in Somerville. Get the "cha su gu" which I haven't seen elsewhere. It's a longish tea mushroom stir fried with pork.

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and let me know of new great Sichuan restaurants or dishes to try!


Randolph said...

Anise in Kendall Sq is great. Half the menu is taken up by American Chinese food but the other half is well-made, authentic sichuan. The sijidou and qiezi are my two favorites there. They have an interesting take on huiguorou. Their cuts of pork are incredibly thin and more salty than fatty, not quite authentic but tasty nonetheless.

mini said...

Hi randolph, thanks for the tip! It's funny that I've been in the Kendall area quite a bit and haven't noticed the restaurant. I find us always heading to Similan's for Thai or Mulan for Asian food. The huiguorou sounds interesting I need to head there soon :)

Clement said...

Hi Randolph,
I have been to Anise a couple of times and were a little disappointed by their Sichuan food. The flavor is a little plain to me.

Sichuan garden is not as good anymore. But I think Sichuan Garden II does a great job, particularly in the weekend (i suspect that their main chef might not be there for some days during the week). It is in Woburn though.

Albert C said...

Chili Garden in Medford isn't bad, right next to Chung Ki Wa

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