Wednesday, July 09, 2008

An Evening at Toro

It's been a year since I've last been to Toro. You can't make reservations here so getting there early is key. We arrived at 6pm sharp and the restaurant was already busy but still had tables available.

Toro is owned by Ken Oringer who also runs Clio. The restaurant, in the South End, delivers a modern take on tapas. I always enjoy a trip here. Some of the choices like the foie gras and oysters are decadent but since the portions are small, it makes me feel a little less guilty! Here's what we got:

Atun Crudo: This was sashimi grade yellow fin tuna with citrus and soy. The flavors were really light and refreshing. Perfect for a hot summery evening.

Garlic shrimp: This was only ok for me. I guess I'm not a fan of garlic shrimp.

Foie gras: The portion is small. The foie gras is about the size of 2 quarters or less. Can't expect too much for $12? I thought the ginger gelee was a little overwhelming. Also the fg was cold.

Stew of sea urchin crab meat and lobster: The taste of the tomato was too overpowering. I wish I could taste more of the uni. But that's me. This is dish has gotten raves from friends.

Corn with aged cheese: This is the house special and delicious. Make sure you get a piece with generous topping of blue cheese haha.

Duck with rhubarb: I liked the flavor pairing on this.

Paella: It was ok. Wouldn't get it again and save room for more tapas.

Kobe burger
: It was good but not really the religious experience kobe beef should be. Pass.

Fried potatos - Boring, nothing special.

Tripe with chick peas and blood sausage
- I liked this! (Disclaimer, I am a tripe lover hehe) The chickpeas are stewed in tomato sauce and tripes with blood sausage. Very filling though.

Roasted eggplant
- This was pretty good too!

I also spied some Jamon Iberico on the menu. I read in a WSJ article recently that restaurants in the U.S. will soon be allowed to serve Jamon Iberico de Bellota (where the pigs feed exclusively on acorns)! I wonder if Toro will import some too?

Photo courtesy of WSJ:

1704 Washington St
Boston, MA 02118
(617) 536-4300
(South End)

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A great place to go for drinks and small plates. You get creativity at lower prices. I like!

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