Thursday, July 17, 2008

Best Dim Sum Restaurants in Boston

Boston isn't really the place to go for exquisite, high quality dim sum so we have to make do. Go to NYC for your dim sum fix if you have the option. So here are my picks for Boston.

Hong Kong Style Dim Sum

Hei La Moon - This is the new favorite. The restaurant is huge with lots of seating so the wait may not be as long. You can also stop by C-Mart after for groceries. Validated parking is available in the garage next door.

China Pearl - This was the old staple till Hei La Moon came around.

Gitlo - I recently discovered this place. Finally, a restaurant with authentic, finer dim sum. There isn't much variety to the dishes but they make whatever they have really well.

Taiwanese Style Dim Sum

These 2 are complimentary. Shangri la has some dishes that Chung Shin Yuan does not.
Chung Shin Yuan - Don't fret even if you don't get seating the first round (see original post). They are very efficient and the food is all prepared before hand.

Shangri La - At this point I like Shangri La a little more ...

Let me know if there are new and good dim sum restaurants I've missed.


Anonymous said...

Chau Chow City on Essex Street and Chau Chow on Morrissey Blvd are both great places for authentic dim sum.

Jojo Tai Pei in Allston is great for taiwanese dimsum too. said...

Agree Chau Chow City should be added. They serve dim sum to a couple of hundred people a day on the weekends.

Elliott Broidy said...

interesting. one day i will give this a try.