Monday, June 25, 2007

Best Japanese Restaurants in Boston

Thanks to my friend N, I have become some sort of a sushi snob. Here's my picks for most authentic Japanese/sushi restaurants in the area. A guide for newbies to the area!

Blue Fin - Good for the price. Can get sushi for between $1-$2 per piece. $
Oga Natick - My vote for most authentic / traditional. Get the sashimi specials. (Natick) $$
Oiishi - Oiishi's Chestnut Hill location used to be the place to go! But now there's all these other new places. Not the traditional style sushi with very very generous slices of fish. $$
O Ya - Most expensive. Modern take on sushi. $$$
Toraya - A bit further out in Arlington. Smaller shop with more traditional styled sushi. Simple but extremely fresh! $$ (Thanks for the tip Albert!)
Uni - Omakase / tasting menu type place. $$$


Japonaise Bakery - Try the Azuki Buns! Heavenly! $
Ken's Ramen - Best ramen! $
Shiki - Small plates (izakaya) in Brookline. $$

Also be sure to check out the all Japanese food court at Porter Exchange.

Not really my style but if you want to gorge yourself on sushi, try Minado's sushi buffet in Natick. As with most buffet places, quality is not the priority here but at least it's fresh.

I hope this list comes in handy because there is nothing worst than going to a sushi restaurant, paying a good amount of money and getting bad or barely mediocre sushi. This has happened once too often and my goal is to help other people avoid bad spending choices as much as possible ;)

Let's finish off with a photo of sushi from Oga's! Featuring maine uni, yellow tail, and a white eel:

Let me know if I am missing anything!


Albert C said...

Check out Toraya in Arlington Center. My favorite was Sushi 21 in Watertown before it closed down. Both were small, handful of tables, Japanese-owned shops.

mini said...

Hi Albert, I've been to Toraya once and I liked it! Unfortunately it's out of the way for me. I wish I had a sushi place like that near by. Definitely cleaner flavors than Oiishi in Chestnut Hill.

Jenious said...

Have you been to Fugakyu in Brookline? Amazing sushi and large selection of additional delights for non-sushi diners. Great tatami rooms for parties too!

Anonymous said...

Oishii on Washington St is wonderful! The decor is gorgeous. The sushi was so fresh and delicious and the wait-staff were very friendly and knowledgeable. Also, Valet parking is a plus on a busy night in the South Boston!

Julie said...

Hi Albert,
I am a huge Oishii fan. I do think it is the best.
However, Yama in Wellesley is good as well. The have a great lucheon special for less than $10.00. It's a great find!!

Anonymous said...

Green Tea in Newton Upper Falls is by far the BEST sushi I've ever had in the area!

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