Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Leisurely Brunch Places

I resisted merging my Blogger with Google Account to the detriment of this blog. Turns out I really didn't have a choice...

Anyhoo my latest obsession is slow weekend brunches where you can sip a latte or mimosa (if you're in the mood) and chill with friends or catch up on the week's news. Here are my favorite finds, coincidentally all French. There're no long lines so you won't feel the pressure to leave!

Gaslight is in the South End. You can take a stroll after breakfast here to the cute little stores around. And the other great part is there's free parking in a big lot next to the restaurant. This is my favorite of the three!

Oeufs Poches Vignerrone with red wine sauce, jambon cuie and mushrooms. This was good but a tad too vinegary.

Yum, especially the fries. Croque-Monsieur with ham, gruyēre and bechamel:

560 Harrison Avenue
Boston, MA 02118
617 422 0224

Gaslight on Urbanspoon

---Petite Robert---
There're 2 locations now. One in the South End and the original in Kenmore Square. Save room for dessert!

Petite Robert Bistro
468 Commonwealth Ave
Boston, MA 02228
(617) 375-0699

Petit Robert Bistro on Urbanspoon

---Eastern Standard ---
I would not recommend going to Eastern Standard when there's a Sox game since it's near Fenway. Great place otherwise with outdoor seating in the summer. Here's a photo of my yummy poached egg salad with sweet breads. The only complaint about this place is portions run small.

Eastern Standard
528 Commonwealth Avenue
Kenmore Square
Boston, MA
617 532 9100

Eastern Standard on Urbanspoon

Chomp Meter: I'll definitely be back to any of these places. Would love to try dinner at Gaslight too!

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