Monday, July 24, 2006

Chinatown Restaurant Guide

Here are my reviews for restaurants in Chinatown. I've been lazy about blogging for some of them though, so hopefully a short 1-2 line review will suffice for now :) The ones that are linked are the ones I've reviewed personally with photos of the food etc.

China Pearl
- Used to be the go to place for dim sum. I haven't been in a while so I'm not sure how good they are these days.

Gourmet Dumpling House:
The xialongbao here is excellent! Comparable to the ones you get in Asia. One small nit though, they use alot of MSG in the broth.

Chau Chow City:
For your after clubbin needs :) They also serve dim sum on weekends. The dim sum is ok. Hei La Moon is better. Good tau fu fa (sweet beancurd). My vegetarian friends love it!

Hei La Moon:
Best Dim Sum!

Shabu shabu. An alternative to the older Shabu Zen. (Shabu Zen has longer waits) Both are pretty good. Kaze is also good for groups with lots of seatings for large parties.

Peach Farm
My favorite Cantonese seafood place.

Malaysian and Singaporean food. Pretty good but only alright compared to the Southeast Asian fare in NYC. For the uninitiated to S.E. Asian food, you have to get the right dishes. I usually get these: Hokkien Char Mee, Kang Kong Belachan, Hainanese Chicken rice, roti canai, nasi lemak, beef rendang. I don't really like Aneka Rasa in Allston.

Shabu Zen:
The "original" place for shabu shabu. They now have a branch in Allston. They have yummy fruit shakes. Be sure to make a reservation before going though!

Taiwan Cafe:
Good Taiwanese food. Can't go wrong with the Basil Eggplant.


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