Sunday, June 04, 2006

Blue Fin - Cheap Sushi!

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The new Blue Fin entrance

Blue Fin in Porter Exchange is one of our favorite haunts for cheap sushi. They offer sets of 16 pieces (nigiri or rolls) for $18, 21 pieces for $24. Actually, I don't remember the exact prices, but the more you order, the closer the price gets to about $1 a piece. You can choose from most of the common sushi types - salmon, tuna, ikura, uni, octopus etc. without extra cost.

The quality is decent, but don't expect top grade fish. Do stay away from the uni too unless you are feeling particularly lucky. We've only had fresh uni there once. :p We typically stick to the nigiri too since it's more value for money =) ... as part of the 21 piece set, you can pick rolls too, but each roll (smaller and less fish) counts as 6 pieces!

I had the Squid Natto set on Friday night. It comes with rice, a side of squid and natto, salad, soup, tofu and shiu mai. Natto is this weird, sticky, stinky, fermented soy bean thing that I happen to love. Definitely not for the faint hearted. The Japanese mountain yam set is pretty yummy too. The texture is white and gooey but tastes execellent with some tuna, soy sauce and wasabi.

The squid natto set:
My Ika Natto Set

The sushi:
Sushi Platter

Blue Fin
1815 Mass. Ave (Porter Sq. Exchange)
Cambridge, MA 02140

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Chomp Meter:
4 Stars for cheaper prices. This is a favorite haunt of ours so yes we'll be back! I also recommend stopping in at Kotobukiya (japanese grocer) to stock up on Japanese snacks like Pocky! Oga's in Natick however is our restaurant of choice for quality sushi.


sushiesque said...

I just moved to a new apartment, and it's dangerously close to Bluefin. They do agedashi tofu exactly how I like it.

mini-me said...

oh yum!! the agedashi is one of our favorites. that's great to be close to bluefin..we're looking for an apt in that area too :) ...

eatanddestroy said...

I have been wondering about Blue Fin for a while, but everytime I go to the Porter Exchange Building, I always end up at one of the smaller stalls. How does the quality (and size) of the sushi compare to other cheap places around Boston?

mini-me said...

e&d ... Blue Fin's quality is good for its price. The slices of fish are generous too..but not as much as oiishi of course. :) do try it!

We usually do the smaller stores for lunch and bluefin for dinner. Oh yes..definitely try the azuki creams at the small bakery stand in porter exchange. omg delicious!!!

Kate said...

hi. we were at porter a few weeks ago, but the line for Blue Fin was insane! so we ate at the tiny place by the Japonnaise bakery, which was pretty good.

i had sushi tonight at billy tse's in the north end--not bad! had my first agedashi. yummy! i had no clue there was sushi so close to charlestown.

mini-me said...

was it the little sushi bar? I have no idea what its name is!

bluefin usually gets less crowded later in the summer when the students are gone ... it's funny that there's still a wait even though they recently expanded into the shop next door. yikes!

tori said...

cafe mami all the waaaaaay!! curry chicken cutlet!!!

mini-me said...

yeah!!! the green tea shake at cafe mami is also to die for :)

Brian S said...

We were just in Port Square mall yesterday because we were hunting for a Japanese market - something our exchange student was longing for since her arrival. I am guessing it was to stave off her homesickness.

I missed out on Blue Fin, because I asked her what that sign was - she said it was just a bar. How wrong was that statement? Will try it next time.

Carla said...

Oh god! So you tried good sushi there. It is so great when you find a place where you can eat dishes you are used to, especially when you are abroad. I remember when I travelled to Argentina, I was looking for sushi everywhere and I don´t know why I was not being able to find a restaurant that had it (it is crazy because there are a million there, but for some reason I did not locate them.) One day, I was going back to the Argentina apartments I had rented and i saw his place called Sushi club. It was super fancy and elegant. They served the best sushi dishes ever. I ordered like a humdred of them. It was a fish party! haha