Monday, July 28, 2008

Toraya - Good Traditional Sushi !

We've been to Toroya in Arlington before but the visit was not particularly memorable. Perhaps because we'd gotten a lot of the cooked dishes the last time (Shiiki is better for that). This time we decided to stick to the sushi and sashimi that the folks on Chowhound have been raving about!

We ordered the softshell crab appetizer, agedashi tofu, scallop sashimi, uni sushi, sushi deluxe and sashimi deluxe. The sushi deluxe is shown below. There's a good variety of fish and even includes uni!

Sashimi deluxe is below:

Toraya is the most similiar to Oga's in style. However Toraya differentiates itself by offering more of a personal experience, it being a smaller joint where the sushi chef is the owner.

I've learned from this visit to ask what is in the deluxe sets before ordering pieces of sushi or sashimi ala carte. We had an extra order of uni because we didn't realize it would be in the set. Most of what is on the menu for the night are included in the deluxe sets.

Toraya Japanese Restaurant
890 Massachusetts Ave
Arlington, MA 02474
(781) 641-7477

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I highly recommend this place if you are looking for good traditional style sushi. No fancy rolls or sauces. Just good ol sushi! The pieces of sashimi are beautifully cut though a little on the small side. They do reasonably priced omakase too.

Note: Whenever I go to Oga's, I look forward to their fresh nightly specials which can be quite unique. For example, we've tried Maine uni, Japan uni, mirugai, amaebi, Aji, white eel, abalone. Toraya being a smaller joint does not offer as much variety.

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