Saturday, June 17, 2006

$32 a Day

Eat this Rachel Ray! We ate for way under $40 per person today :) We started off at Cafe Cakes in Watertown then headed down to Colt State Park in Rhode Island to enjoy some well deserved sunshine. We ended off our trip with dinner at Federal Hill.

Here is the tab run down:

Lunch at Cafe Cakes - Tuna Sandwich, Strawberry Latte, Caramel Torte (shared): $8.75
Garrison Chocolates :$4.50
Dinner at Angelo's in Federal Hill :$12.50
Dessert at Pastiche - Cappucino, Tea, Blueberry Cobbler, Apricot Almond Chiffon Cake (shared 4 ways):$6.00

*ding ding*

Total: $31.75

I think we ate pretty darn good for that price! Blog entries to come on Garrison Confections and Angelo's. Teaser ... did somebody say chocolate?
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