Monday, June 19, 2006

Garrison Confections in Providence

Living only an hour away, I have no excuse not to check out Garrison Confections in Rhode Island. I read about this chocolatier recently and could not wait to add it to my repertoire of divine dessert places in Providence. In fact,according to Money Magazine it is one of the top 10 chocolatiers in the country. I'm sold!

The inside:
Garrison Confections in Rhode Island

I was thrilled to find that the prices were really reasonable. Garrison used to be based in NYC but is now able to sell at better prices given the lower cost of living in Providence. We got a box of 16 pieces for $18. I remember seeing similar chocolates at Richart in Copley square going for way more money! We picked out several different flavors between the 4 of us.

My personal favorites were the Apricot Yogurt, Triple Play, and Green Apple. The bergamot (tea flavored) was a hit with the friends. For the more adventurous, there are other interesting flavors such as habenero. We got to sample these and they were surprisingly good!

Too pretty to eat. The yellow one is the apricot yogurt that I LOVE.
Chocolates Yum

(UPDATE: This location is now closed. Chocolates still available online.)
Garrison Confections
815 Hope St
Providence, RI 02906
(401) 490-2740 /phone

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Chomp Meter:
I'll definitely be back. No no not just for me, chocolates make good gifts too =). For those unwilling to make the trip to Providence, Garrison Chocolates are also available from Temper Chocolates in Hotel Commonwealth (Kenmore Square, Boston).


tori said...

i'm heading back to providence in a few weeks....must try this place (sans car...but hopefully i'll manage!!)

mini-me said...

yes definitley do! the chocolates will certainly cost 2x the price in nyc.

Anonymous said...

retail store on Hope St. in Providence closed on 2/29/ have to get these babies online.

Anonymous said...

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mini said...

that is awful! i am speechless.

Anonymous said...

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