Saturday, June 10, 2006

Clear Flour Bread, Dok Bua, and Wulf's Fish Market

We had to pick up some seafood since we're making Paella for our Spanish themed potluck tomorrow. Not sure where to get fresh seafood in Boston, I ended up posting to Chowhound. Them Chowhounders are in the know on everything food related! I was very grateful for all the responses and finally decided to heed Dr. Jimbob's recommendation and head to Wulf's Fish Market in Coolidge Corner. You see Dr. Jimbob cleverly tempted me with the mention of Clear Flour Bread nearby (supposedly a paris style boulangerie). WOoot I never say no to baked goods!

Clear Flour Bread
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Clear Flour Bread specializes in you guessed it, bread. There was actually a line out the door when we got there. I like lines, it reassures me of the quality of the establishment haha. But then it could be all hype, and us, suckers. Ahh but it cannot be, the smells permeating from the shop were amazing.

Clear Flour Bread

The shop is really tiny. There is just enough room to fit maybe five people. When we finally got in, I felt a little stresed out. I am the type of shopper who needs to browse, but with a line out the door, you can't really browse can you? Polite me hurriedly picked out a Baguette, a bag of chocolate walnut biscotti, a chocolate croissant and a raspberry cookie.

We couldn't wait and devoured the chocolate croissant in the car. *blush* :)

Chocolate Croissant

Our next stop: Wulf's Fish Market
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Claim to fame: Julia Child used to shop here! Everything looked really fresh. We picked out some 1/2lb squid, 1 lb mussels, and 10 large shrimp all for only $11. The prices were definitely reasonable.

Check out the Fresh Fish!

More about Wulf's Fish Market here.

Final stop: Dok Bua
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Dok Bua is right next door to Wulf's. It is one of our favorite-test Thai places in Boston. We've been there so many times and taken so many friends that I'm sure we paid for at least the rear bumper on the owner's fancy BMW.

Today we both had noodle dishes. You know, rainy day, bowl of soup.

Roast Pork Noodles:
Roast Pork Noodle Soup at Dok Bua

Kuay Jab:
Kuay Jub at Dok Bua

Kuay jub is a Thai noodle dish with boiled egg, pig liver and intestines. Ok doesn't sound so good but it's yummy! There is a similar Singaporean dish called Kuay Chap though the flavor of the broth is different.

I'm finding that the quality of food at Dok Bua isn't as good as it used to be now that it's so popular. The prices also aren't as cheap now. But Dok Bua is still a good place to go for Thai hawker fare. Other yummy dishes there are the Pad Thai and Pad Ki Mow. I also enjoy the eggplant, watercress, and thai omelette. Wait, I'm describing almost everything on the menu :P Oh yes, vegetarians have to try the tofu gra pow. My vegetarian friend A swears by that dish.

Clear Flour Bread
178 Thorndike St.
Brookline MA 02446
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Wulf's Fish Market
407 Harvard Street
Brookline MA 02446

Dok Bua Thai
411 Harvard Street
Brookline MA 02446
617.232.2955 (I have this number on speed dial)

Dok Bua on Urbanspoon

Chomp Meter: Peeps, I need recommendations on what breads to get from Clear Flour! I am so overwhemled by the choices. As I write this post, we've also eaten the entire bag of biscotti while watching the England vs. Paraguay match on tivo.

As for Wulf's, I will bring my Mother in Law here when she comes to visit ;) She can then cook up some yummy fish dish for us. Muahhahah


Lynne said...

i've heard clear flour is amazing. must go here. for future reference, there are 2 amazing fish markets on cambridge street in the inman square area (about midway between Inman and the Cambridgeside Galleria - New Deal Fish Market (722 Cambridge Street) and Court House Fish Market (484 Cambridge Street). not only do they both have amazing fish but the owners are super helpful, knowledgeable and will filet your fish right there for you.

mini-me said...

lynne > do check out their website before going so know what you want!

and thanks for the fish market tips! i'll have to look up a fish recipe to try this weekend. do you have any to recommend?

Anonymous said...

My favorite bread at Clear Flour is the Vollkorn Sunflower - It's very dense and German - I think it's only available on Saturdays and you have to have a taste for that sort of thing. Also the bread that's shaped to look like a flower! As for pastries - Apricot croissants and morning buns... yum.

eatanddestroy said...

PK used to live a few blocks from Clear Flour. Everything that we bought there was always delicious. I don't think that I had a favorite bread since I always wanted to try something new. I wish that Clear Flour was closer to JP, but at least we have Fornax in Roslindale, which is a decent substitute for when I am too lazy to drive to Allston.

Lyss said...

I love Dok Bua. It's great for veggie and meat friends to eat together, as they have a seperate veggie menu.

mini-me said...

e&d ... at least JP isn't too far from brookline :)

lyss..yup..our vegetarian friends loved the place. there were days when we would dream about the pad thai

cindywho..thanks for the tips! the sunflower bread sounds interesting. we're more likely to go on saturdays anyway that's perfect!

Marc said...

I still love Dok Bua. Haven't noticed a downturn in quality. I also like Khao Sarn a lot, too. It's a bit more upscale, and the food is about as good.

mini-me said...

hi marc! I've never tried khao sarn. will have to go sometime, perhaps this weekend. been really craving thai food after our week in ecuador

Anonymous said...

I live very close to Clear Flour and can say that their most interesting breads aren't available every day, check the schedule here:

In general you can't go wrong with anything they have, if you need it to go with something specific just ask the people behind the counter. My favorites:

Polenta bread
Black Sesame Sticks With Herbed Garlic Butter
Raisin Cinnamon bread

Sven said...
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Everything that we bought there was always delicious. I don't think that I had a favorite bread since I always wanted to try something new. I love to eat.