Monday, April 10, 2006

OMFG - I love Pastiche

I swear Pastiche has got to be the best Dessert Shop in all of New England. Yes, way better than Finale (not that it even compares)! We took Z,S, and J there last weekend and they loved it. Well ok, I shouldn't speak for them :) ... but I'm pretty sure S loved it. Just the other day we were reminiscing about how refreshing the ice tea was. And pacman can't stop raving about the fresh whipped cream.


We shared a lemon tart, banana cream pie, and a almond cake with berries between us. The banana cream pie is to die for. It's filled with fresh cream, isn't too heavy or sweet, and is simply delicious. So light, it's almost healthy. OK I kid myself.

"An all butter tart shell filled with fresh ripe bananas folded into vanilla custard, topped with whipped cream"

Banana Creame Pie

The lemon tart was amazing too. I believe it's only available in the summers. The blend of tangy and sweet was just right.

"An all butter tart shell filled with velvety lemon custard, topped with a velvety lemon custard and finished with fresh whipped cream. For lemon lovers only!"

Summery Lemon Tart

Finally, the almond cake with berries. I think it's a 'special' since it's not on their main menu.

Almond Cake with Berries

Definitely try their teas as well. I got the iced sparkling tea. It was delicious. Not only was it fizzy, but it also had just the right amount of sugar, very subtle and certainly not too sweet. Perfect for a summer day.

Pastiche Fine Desserts
92 Spruce St
Providence, RI

Chomp Meter: Are you kidding me? I am ready to move to Rhode Island.

PS. You can also get pies from them for Thanksgiving and Christmas. Guaranteed to be a hit with the family.

PPS. Providence is about an hour's drive from Boston. There are other attractions in Providence if you feel guilty just going for dessert. Brown University is round the corner. Federal Hill (where pastiche is located) is supposed to have really good Italian restuarnts (that's next on my list). There's also a mega huge mall, the Providence Place Mall. It has almost every store imaginable ... and the only Nordstroms and Forever 21 in the area. Have I already mentioned that shopping is my other vice? :)

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Lynne said...

wow. sounds like it's well worth a little excursion to providence. yum!!

Kate said...

I went to Providence College pre-Nordstrom's. It's too bad; I would have stayed for the combo of a lemon tart and the perfect shoe store.

I just found your blog and love it! Thanks for posting your pix on Chowhound--I'm on it every day.

mini-me said...

hi kate, glad you like it :) this is my first attempt at a food blog. I dabble in cooking (not very successfully) but love/prefer eating!

And dont' get me started on shoes ...

Lyss said...

try Cassarino's for Italian on Fed Hill

mini-me said...

hi lyss! most definitely ..we've always wanted to try an italian place there.

yumyum said...

Love those pictures, thanks.