Saturday, April 22, 2006

Chomped! Lunch at Cafe Cakes

Cafe Cakes on Chompster

Pacman and I finally made our way to Cafe Cakes after walking the dog this morning. We ate, she waited in the car :) For those of you that are driving, there's parking on Aldrich street behind Cafe Cakes. Cafe Cake certainly lived up to it's reputation. I haven't been to the old location but the the new place was really bright with lots of windows. It reminded me of cute little cafes in Asia.

Cafe Cakes in Watertown Note: If you look at the large sized image on flickr you can actually read the menu.

When we got there, it was fairly busy. I absolutely had to try the caramel milk tea while Pacman got the Cafe Au Lait (how boring right?!?). The milk tea was really delicious, and a nice change from boring ol Chai at Starbucks. It had hints of caramel which reminded me of Creme Brulée. Perfect for afternoon tea!

Caramel Milk Tea

We also got the Curry Chicken Panini Sandwich. The bread wasn't the typical panini bread but it was tasty nevertheless. The sandwich was also unique since the curry used was the sweeter Japanese curry. Very delicious overall!

Looks good doesn't it?
Curry Chicken Panini Sandwich Mmm

Of course since this is Cafe Cakes, we had to finish off with cakes. We got the Strawberry Shortcake and a Chocolate Cake (I forget the name). The shortcake was yummy! The strawberries were sweet and the cake was light without too much sugar, just the way I like it. The chocolate cake reminded me of Blackforest cake since it had berries in it. We devoured it too quickly to figure out what exactly was in there! Ooopsie.

Strawberry ShortcakeChocolate Cake

The owner, Noriko, was really sweet and allowed us to take photos for my blog :) I'm always impressed by entrepreneurs, and she sure has a lovely place. Thanks Noriko!

The address once more:

Cafe Cakes
51 Galen St
mon-fri 7am-8pm
sat 8am-8pm
sun 9am-3pm

Chomp Meter:
Yes yes yes! I want to try the Strawberry Latte next time.

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tori said...

hello there! the pastries look super amazing...i love japanese pastry shops! =)

Helen said...

Lovely pictures and description of your first visit to Cakes!

we were there this weekend too. You have to try the milk tea pudding, and a raspberry yogurt macaroon sometimes. My favorite cake there is milk tea chiffon cake, but unfortunately, it's not available by the slice and has to be ordered in advance. I wish my birthday was coming up sooner :)

mini-me said...

tori> me too! though I think the newyorkers and ppl in sfo are way luckier, since there are more japanese cake shops there.

helen> thanks for the recs, will definitely try em! my b'day isn't till november, but dh's is next month. what better reason than to celebrate with a milk tea cake :D

Kristine said...

Looks delicious! I've passed by it a bunch of times but now I will definitely make a note to try it out.

mini-me said...

yes definitely! it's very reasonably priced too.

Anonymous said...

hello. just randomly passing by + i've been wanting to try this place for about a year. being out in framingham/natick stinks compared to be a native new yorker and having a large selection. your blog is a life saver in fact i'm going to try some of these places w/ some friends. thanks again!!!

Bethany Firem said...

Do they have wifi by chance? I work near here, can walk there and will definitely go soon. Thanks for the blog! It helps businesses without websites get marketed by just being good vendors! though I'm sure Cafe Cakes didn't need any help :)

mini said...

Hi Bethany, yes they have free wifi! And they've also lowered prices recently, even more reason to go :)

Anonymous said...

Am just finding your blog for the first time...Do you have other Watertown gems up your sleeve?

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