Friday, October 03, 2008

Peapod Review - Groceries 2.0!

I earned my first freebie as a food blogger recently. Yay! The folks at Peapod sent me a $50 off coupon on my first order. You too can get $20 off your first order if you drop me an email. That's almost 30% off an order of $60+$10 delivery.

Peapod is an online grocery delivery service. In the New England area, they are in partnership with Stop and Shop. For me, it's a good compliment to Russo's because I can feed my diet coke addiction here.

At I started by browsing the produce section as I do at the store, but nothing stood out because I couldn't determine freshness. I don't usually have a shopping list. In the end, I worked in reverse, figuring out what I needed based on what was in my fridge. Not such a bad thing I suppose. Turns out I'm making shrimp and spinach fettucine this week!

I can shop in my PJs:

The entire online shopping process was really easy. I ordered a variety of items including some pork ribs, spinach, bok choy, pita chips, navel oranges, peaches, Nestle drumsticks and some kashi frozen lunches. I was pretty satisfied with the produce that was picked out. The bok choy was healthy and oranges were sweet. And an even nicer touch was a sample box of Barilla pasta they sent. Did I already mention that it was free? :)

Check out my well stocked freezer thanks to Peapod. Yes I realize I am not one to cook much. But the Alexa frozen fries are really good. I usually get them at Whole Foods but they sometimes have it at Stop and Shop too! These satisfy my carb cravings and have no trans fats.

Peapod Cliff Notes

- $60 minimum purchase
- $10 delivery charge
- Order before midnight for next afternoon/evening delivery.
- There are a variety of time slots. Some are 2 hr time frames which is reasonable. For longer time slots you get a dollar or two off delivery.
- You can have them deliver heavier items hehe ... like diet coke!

Chomp Meter:

I swear I'm being objective here. I had to pay $20 out of pocket since there is a minimum order. Delivery was really prompt. I chose the 4-6pm window and the driver arrived at 4pm on the dot.

I may use this service when I start work again or if I move into Boston proper. I don't have an excuse to order online now. Really I am not that busy. No kids, no job, one dog. Not sure if they have such a service in place now but wouldn't it be great if you could order online and then pick it up from the store yourself eliminating wait time?


claire said...

I know it's a useful service, but I like grocery shopping, especially for produce.

mini said...

Hi claire- Totally! and it can even be therapeutic at times :)

Jenny T. said...

I love Peapod! E and I both work and until recently didn't have a car, so that would mean taking a cab with heavy items (such as the cases of diet mountain dew and diet coke that E is addicted to). A cab is almost always more than the $6.95 delivery if I spend over $100 at peapod.

I think it also saves us a lot of time, money and caloric intake. This is because when we go we to the store, E always gets distracted by the Little Debbie and Entenmann's products and we come home with a lot more snack foods than we intended.

My Peapod strategy is that I shop the specials tab first and then fill in the essentials if they didn't come up in the specials. This allows for trying new products and also is satisfying at the end when the tab shows you how much you "saved".

mini said...

Hi Jenny- Great strategy, you're right about the cab fare and I can't resist random snacks too! Oh a tub of hummus here, a box of cheez its there and I have this bad habit of never finishing what I buy. Online at least I can restrict myself to 1 or 2 "treats" :)

Elena said...

delivery where I live in Watertown - not far from Russo's -- is consistently very late - and virtually every order i've placed since about 2003 has some error which I then have to call and get fixed on my bill. Which amounts to about 8 orders since at this point I only use them when I feel desperate for time and a physical break, and then always swear I'll never use them again. Today they are going to be an hour late - I have to go to work - so my husband had to cancel his plans. What a headache!