Saturday, May 06, 2006

Russo's Fresh Produce

We found a new favorite grocery store today! After hearing alot about Russo's and Sons in Watertown, we finally had to see what it's all about. Fresher than Whole Foods? Cheaper than Shaw's? Take us there!

When we got to Russo's, the parking lot was pretty crowded but we managed to find a spot quickly. The outside was promising with lots of perennials and trays of herbs and vegetables you can grow. We picked up a little pot of italian parsley and one of rosemary for only $2.50 per pot. I'm so excited to grow my own herbs! In addition to having them fresh, it's economical too since a small package of Rosemary costs like $4 at Shaw's!

What's Available?
I wasn't quite sure what to expect when we stepped into Russo's. It isn't your typical chain grocery store since it doesn't have the usual canned and packaged products. It does however have a huge selection of fruit and all kinds of vegetables imaginable. They also have a wide variety of asian vegetables (Goodbye Super 88!). Asian eggplant, bok choy, baby bok choy, baby dou miao, and other exotic ones we didn't recognize.

As they say, a photo is a worth a thousand words:
Fresh Veggies Galore

The Fruit Section

There is also an extensive cheese selection, deli, and freshly made pasta. There was a small case that sold some meats such as chicken and steak, but they didn't look very appealing to me. I still prefer to get my meats at whole foods. We picked up some proscuitto which was amazing with cantalope ($1.99) also bought at Russo's.

This place is definitely cheaper than Whole Foods. Many items are also generally less expensive than what you can get at Starmarket or Shaw's. Red peppers were only $1.99 a lb, this is usually $3.49 at Shaw's! Super 88 may be slightly cheaper, however, the quality of the produce there is sub-par. I also picked up a box of Mademoiselle De Margaux chocolates for $7.19. We later saw the same box, apparently on sale, at Whole Food's for $8.49!

I love these chocolates btw:

We left with two pots of herbs, oranges, asian pears (yum!), watermelon, a cantalope, blueberries, baby bok choy, spinach, red peppers, an avocado, prosciutto, balsamic vinegar, chocolates, and walnuts. We had to restrain ourselves from getting even more stuff, since we're only a two person + 1 dog household. :)

The herbs in our kitchen:
Rosemary and Parsley

560 Pleasant Street
Watertown MA 02472

Chomp Meter:
We will be going to Russo's for fruit and vegetables from now on! I am so glad we live close by in Newton ;) ... too bad we might be moving soon. I will miss this place.


Lynne said...

that's a great place. i recently learned that they actually supply several boston restaurants with their produce including petite robert bistro in kenmore square. so you know the produce is fresh!

Genevieve said...

Gotta LOVE Russo's! Another Boston foodblogger! Awesome. I work in Newton.

mini-me said...

hi lynne...totally! i always have to resist coming out of there with too much food :-/

hi genevieve! *high 5* more foodies in boston. we'll have to share recs for restaurants in newton. btw did you see signs for the new 'alex' asian bakery in newton center?

Kristine said...

I love Russo's. I won't buy my fruit anywhere else. My favorite kind of apples, cameo, are usually 0.89/lb at Russo's and 1.29/lb at Shaw's...I go through a lot of apples, so it adds up!

Anonymous said...

It's SOO incredibly crowded ALL the time, I refuse to go there anymore. They need to expand or build another store.

Anonymous said...

Russo's is great.
I had basil growing in my home, but I didn't know that I could use it without killing it. Do you have a suggestion for how to get the most out of herbs without killing them? I used my basil for pesto.

melindamoses said...

Russo's is my 'good kharma' place AND my favorite favorite favorite place to go for fruits, veggies, chopped liver (I know, I know), bread, tomato plants, fresh cheese, the best local produce, and gorgeous flowers. Oh yeah - the fresh pasta (porcini ravioli, yum!) and asian veggies (pea pod stems anyone?).

I've been going to Russo's for ~15 years and was thrilled when I found it, thrilled when they expanded it, and am always joyful when I go, crowded or not (suggestion: it's usually busy so put your cart in a strategic place and hoof it down the aisles).

It is one of our family's 'special places' and always fun. I bring my girls with me (they're foodies too, ages 6 and 9) and we always try something new - last time it was cheese that they said had that special 'barnyard' smell. (it was good, with a texture like Feta). My little one loves Longan berries and lichees.

I used to live around the corner from them in Newton, now that we live in Ashland (MA) we still make the trek out there, high gas prices or not. Fresh produce, lower prices, great experience ... Russo's, thanks!! See you this morning :o)

btw, any foodies in Metrowest interested in further chats, let me know!

mini said...

Melinda, thanks for the tip on the porcini ravioli! I've always wanted to try the pasta but give up since I'm overwhelmed by the indecisive nature :P

Anonymous said...

do they sell fish? said...

It won't truly have success, I suppose this way.