Sunday, March 26, 2006

Dim Sum @ Chung Shin Yaun

Chung Shin Yuan

Can I say how much I love this place? This is the second time we've been back in a span of two weeks. I can't believe we hadn't discovered Chung Shin Yuan earlier having lived in Newton for almost 2 years!

This place serves Taiwan style dim sum. That's different from places like China Pearl which serve Hong Kong style fare. In any case it's delicious. It's also a plus that parking is easy to find (it's in Nonantum), however, be prepared to wait at least a half hour for a seat.

We ordered the salty soy bean milk (photo below) and the mega fried dough sticks (I didn't get a photo of this unfortunately). These seem to be a favorite among the chinese customers :) We also heard the table next to us exclaim to the waitress that they weren't able to find soy milk of such high quality in all of San Francisco ... I doubt it's true but we were mildly amused.
Salty Soy Bean Milk

The pig ears and tofu with century eggs. The pig ears could have been spiced better but overall they were tasty.
Dim Sum

The carb dishes. Here's the very delicious vermicelli. We had the five spice beef noodles the last time and that was exceptionally good too.
Fried Vermicelli

The spiced pork ribs with surprise surprise, sweet potatoes beneath. We devoured this as well.
Spiced Pork Ribs

Chomp Meter:
Value for money and very authentic. Customers are 98% asian, it's gotta be good! Recommended dishes are the beef noodles, fried vermicelli, pigs ears and ... alright I give up, I liked it all and I can't wait to go back!

Chung Shin Yaun
183 California Street
Newton, Massachusetts 02158-1008

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Lynne said...

that place looks amazing! always looking for a new dim sum spot. i'm a big fan of china pearl but it's such a circus in there. thanks for the tip!

mini-me said...
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mini-me said...

hi lynne, we attempted to go to China Pearl recently but the line was literally out the door!! We ended up going to grand chau chow instead. not as good but the wait wasn't as long :)

let me know if you end up going there!

Haute Stuff said...

Thank you, Mini-Me, for this great recommendation. A friend and I just returned from a fabulous dim sum experience, and we know we'll be back for more. Your photos were great- we wouldn't have thought to order the Salty Soy Milk if you hadn't had it on the page. They should hire you to make an illustrated dim sum menu! We had the Salty Soy Milk, the Fried Dough, Red Bean Dumpling, Chive cake, Turnip Cake, Shin Bao with 5-Spice Beef, and Sweet & Sour Cabbage Salad. Maybe other things- anyway, our bill came to $18!
On the other hand, we arrived 20 minutes before they opened and the line was already huge. We got the last table. So if you are going, plan ahead and leave yourself plenty of time.

mini-me said...

hi haute stuff ... pleased to be of service!!! good to know that bostonchomps is useful :) getting to CSY early is a good tip! unfortunately i can never haul my ass out of bed before 11am so we always have to wait!

i've never had shin bao with 5spiced beef or red bean dumplings. how were they? now i'm really wishing i'd gone there for brunch instead haha

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