Sunday, June 22, 2008

Lobster Dock - Crabcake Throwdown

The parents were in town this weekend so we took a road trip out to Boothbay Harbor and headed to The Lobster Dock. The Lobster Dock's the venue of a Bobby Flay throw down though I didn't realize till after the trip that Lobster Dock lost! Darn should have done my research more carefully ... :P

Anyway that didn't come as a surprise since the crab cakes were mediocre at best. Nicely breaded and generous with the crab but still mediocre. I also found that the salsa beneath the crabcakes had avocados that weren't even ripe!

I ordered a scallop dinner. The scallops were really fresh and again the breading was yummy but it was very SANDY. Seriously people, show some pride in your cooking, how hard is it to get sand out of scallops?? It's not even clams or mussels....

Thankfully, the lobster was the saving grace for our meal. We picked out a nice 2.5lb beauty and it was delicious. Chock full of roe and more meat than you could imagine. I've come to the conclusion that 2.5-3 pounds is the optimal lobster size. Anything more than 3 lbs and you get meat that is tough. The 1 pounders don't have as much roe.

The Lobster Dock
49 Atlantic Avenue
Boothbay Harbor, Maine
207 633 7120

Chomp Meter:
Nay, over-rated. I wouldn't eat there again. The lobster was yummy, but the prices were on the high side and I'm sure you can find boiled lobster that's equally good and cheaper elsewhere (like the Net Result!).

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Anonymous said...

Glad I read this! I almost told a friend to stop in there because the thrown down was there - thanks for the warning and the post!