Sunday, July 23, 2006

Tasca Tapas

I've always wanted to try Tasca but our plans are always foiled by the inabililty to find parking or because of the long wait. Pacman and I finally made it there a couple weeks ago and scored a nice parking spot on Washington street off Comm ave.

Just a quick post on this one. I thought the food was only OK compared to Dali but the prices were much cheaper. Or perhaps we didn't get the right dishes? It was only the 2 of us so we weren't able to sample many plates.

We got the beef cappacio, duck with red cabbage, chorizo in a flakey pastry, egg and potato omelette, and a cod fish dish. The food was good but none of the dishes were spectacular. The duck was too dry though the taste did grow on me after several bites. I think it was the pairing with the cabbage that saved the dish.

From L to R: Duck, Chorizo, Beef Cappacio
Duck with Red CabbageChorizo in Pastry from TascaCappacio from Tasca's

1612 Commonwealth Ave.
Boston, MA 02135
617 730 8002

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Chomp Meter:
Good enough but not a wow. I am unlikely to go back. Come to think of it the quality is similar to Taberna de Haro, though I like the latter better and they have outdoor seating in the summers. My personal favorite is Dali of course. :) Tasca's is a good restaurant to check out if you're in the area and looking for reasonably priced tapas. I wouldn't go out of the way otherwise.


Rhea said...

Hi, Chomp,
Call me a rebel, but I've never caught on to the enthusiasm about tapas. I've been to Dali several times and to that place in Waltham, but I just don't really think the dishes are very tasy. So I won't be going to this place you've reviewed. Keep up the good work!

mini-me said...

hi rhea, hey it's all about finding out what you enjoy! ...and i thnk the restaurant in waltham is Solea?

Allison said...

I've been to Tasca many times and it is all in what you get (the same in Spain). The goat cheese empanadas are great and go well with the sausage pastry you got. Also the patatas bravas are a must. Also the boneless beef short ribs with mashed potatoes and don't forget dessert: the ice cream crepe (crepe helado) is the best.

mini-me said...

hi allison, ooh thanks for the tips. will have to try the dishes you recommended. the ice cream crepe sounds especially good! :)

C.Y. said...

Hey Chomps, very useful post as I have been searching for a good tapas place (taste, variety and price) since I got to Boston 3 months ago and hence quite familiar with the names mentioned here after doing some google searches. I also heard Dali and Tasca as good places to check out so the comments above are particularly helpful. But they are harder to get to without a car, so let me know if u want to go check it out. Like chinese food, more people = more variety to sample :-)

Anonymous said...

For tapas, you should also try Toro in the South End - Ken Oringer's take on tapas - very good.

mini said...

hi anon, thanks for the tip :) I've been to toro once and was really happy with their offerings and also yummy cocktails. i remember having sea urchin and oysters. seeing your post is making me want to go back!