Thursday, July 20, 2006

Argentinean at Tango

The boys were in the mood for meat last weekend. We were in the Arlington area so the natural choice was Tango. Pacman and I have been there once before. He loved it, I on the other hand was more lukewarm since I'm not much of a meat eater.

Tango is definitely popular with the locals since it was crowded even at 9.30pm. Pretty rare for a suburban town. We ordered several dishes to share family style.

The Outside

1) Parillada Para Uno (Grilled Meat Variety for 1) - You will see from the photos below that this was huge. We were glad we got the platter for 1 and not 2 because we could barely even finish this. Our favorite meat on the platter was the beef short ribs. Tender and juicy. The platter also included pork,blood sauages, chorizo, and sweetbread. For the uninitiated, sweetbread is actually a pretty name for pancreas! *GASP* None of us really fancied the sweetbread. It was a tad creamy for my liking. The grilled kidney was better. I prefered the more chewy texture.

A mountain of meats!
Parillada - Grilled Meat Variety

2) Grilled Lamb Chomps - I wouldn't recommend getting this. The meat was well cooked but nothing special. Also it was a little over salted.

3) Milanesa de Pollo a Caballo - This is breaded fried chicken topped with eggs sunny side up. Sounds simple, but it was my favorite! Highly recommended especially if you're not much into red meats :) The portion is also huge. It includes 2 large filets of chicken.

Milanesa de Pollo a Caballo

4) Heart of Palms Salad - We had to balance out the meat :) This was good. I thought the style was more italian than south american but after doing a search on Google, it seems that Argentinean food is a mixture of Spanish and Italian cuisine due to immigrants from those countries.

Hearts of Palm (Tango)

5)Emapandas - Good but again nothing special. The crust did however remind me of Old Chang Kee curry puffs!

6) Crios Wine - Excellent pairing with the meat.

Finally, you have to get the side of fried potatoes. They were amazing. Just like the way mom would make them. Sliced and then fried till they're crispy.

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464 Massachusetts Ave.
Arlington, MA

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Chomp Meter:
Highly recommended especially for meat lovers! I'll most certainly be back and will go easy on the main courses to save room this time for dessert.


eatanddestroy said...

Next time I venture out to Arlington for spices at Penzy's, I am going to check out Tango. It's only 10AM, and the picture of the Parillada Para Uno is making me drool.

mini-me said...

LOL! Photos do have that effect on me ...and often at odd hours.

Marc said...

Tango has some of the best steaks that I have tried in the Boston area. who needs to spend $60 for a steak when you can get one for less than half that price at Tango that is just as good?

mini-me said...

marc, we'll have to try the steak next time! and i agree that the meats there are terrific

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