Sunday, July 23, 2006

Wang's Fast Food Review

Our friend P really loves Wang's Fast Food. He always seems to be there whenever we call him?!? Not wanting to miss out on the good stuff, we finally headed down a couple weeks ago. Wang's is in Somerville.

Wang's is kinda like your neighbourhood chinese take out/delivery place except that it's way more authentic. Wang's is also well known for dumplings, all hand made and lovingly wrapped by the owner and her mother. They're from the Northern part of China where dumplings are a staple. Sounds authentic eh?

The interior is kitschy with the christmas lights and last year's lunar new year decor but you've got to admit it adds to the character of the restaurant.

Inside Wang's Fast FoodWang's Fastfood

We had no idea what to get so we had to call T who'd been there before for recs (P wasn't picking up &!&@), perhaps from the special chinese menu? T suggested getting a beef spare rib dish and the dumplings. I've been back logged on blogging so I forget exactly what it was called. No worries though, you're not missing out because it wasn't that good!

My overall impression of the food was that it was authentic home style cooking. The stir fried veggies, cooked in a garlicky sauce, were just the way chinese people would have it at home. I wasn't too impressed with the beef which was dry and flavorless. And strangely enough, I can't seem to find photos in my camera of that dish either! haha

The chinese veggie dish:
Stir Fried Veggies and Chinese Mushrooms

The highlight was the dumplings of course. The skin of the dumpling was just the right thickness and chewiness and the insides succulent. They were yummy with the vinegary sauce. There was a whole variety of dumplings, we just picked one, not sure what we got.

The dumplings. You can sort of see the spare ribs in the back.
Dumplings at Wang's Fast Food

See Wang's Fast Food and other foodie finds on a map on

Wang's Fast Food
509 Broadway (Magoun Square)
Somerville, MA
617 623 2982

Menu can be found here

Chomp Meter:
This is definitely a good authentic Chinese place (not americanized). I would recommend checking it out if you live close by or are a dumpling connoisseur =). Personally, however, I would not drive to Somerville again for this, there are restaurants of similar quality in Chinatown. I also prefer the more flavorful Hong Kong style Chinese fare to the simpler mainland Chinese style.

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Marc said...

Wang's is great, though I have trouble convincing my friends to go there, as they think it's just another Chinese restaurant on Broadway in Somerville...

mini-me said...

you can tempt them by getting the frozen dumplings to go!

Genie said...

Food is great. Their service is good. But the place is not so nice and clean. I was there with my husband once for dinner, we've never dined at the restaurant since then. I'd recommend to order the take-out and enjoy your dinner at home.

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I visited Wang, is a nice place with food fantastic, have wide variety of dishes and the service was good!

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Eilonwy said...

Watch out for wrong food! I went to buy frozen dumplings, but they gave me wrong ones due to labeling mistake by an employee. We found out after boiling them. So I brought one back at the owner's request. The wife of the owner came out and yelled at me for not bringing all of them back, and demanded me to go back to get them!