Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Tapas @ Taberna de Haro

Chompster is starting to work for us! No more figuring out where to go. Thanks to Cindy's favorites, we checked out Taberna de Haro last Friday. It's funny how we've never really noticed the place even though we used to frequent Ginza right across the road.
We didn't have reservations so we had to wait a little, but it wasn't bad. We got glasses of sangrias and hung by the bar. Compared to places like Dali and Tasca, Taberna de Haro has higher ceilings giving it a more spacious, less crowded feel. However, looks can be deceiving, the place was packed even as we left at 11pm.

I must say, I really enjoyed the sangria there. It was sweet and fizzy with lots of fruit. Just the way I like it. We also had the steak pincho with asturian blue cheese. The meat was well grilled, though the flavor of the blue cheese was a little intense for my liking. Next we had the fried cod balls. They remind me of Japanese takoyakis! :) Though the insides of the balls were drier.

The pinchos:

Squid balls:
Squid Balls

Chomp Meter:
All in all, I thought the food was pretty good, though I didn't love any one dish enough to have it again should we revisit the restuarant. Wait, I take that back, will definitely get the sangrias again!

Taberna de Haro
999 Beacon St. (St. Mary’s St.)
Brookline, MA 02446

Oh and a random piece of useless info. The night we went, we saw the filming of a movie, Everybody wants to be Italian, happening right next door. We asked one of the crew members who was starring in the movie. His answer? No one famous yet :))

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Anonymous said...

Glad you liked Taberno! I've chosen it more than once as a birthday dinner destination - the vegetable dishes seem to be better than the meat - garlicky mushrooms, heirloom tomatoes (in season) and the cheese plate is tasty.


mini-me said...

Thanks for the tip! Will definitely try more of the vegetable dishes next time.

And do keep posting to chompster :) we enjoy seeing the new restaurants you recommend! I think we have several favorites in common already.