Friday, November 28, 2008

Traveling Chomps: Singapore Food Wrap Up

OK y'all must be tired of my Singapore posts by now. Here's the last installment. Photos of what else we ate and what to try if you're headed that way:

Kaya Toast (L) Half Boiled Eggs (R) Kaya is an egg/coconut jam found only in S.E. Asia

Sea Coconut Ice (L) Ice Kachang (R) Both are desserts you can find in any hawker center.

Roti Prata from Causarina Prata (L) Duck from Dian Xiao Er(R)

Braised Sea Cucumber from Imperial Treasure Teochew Cuisine at Takashimaya S.C. (L) Roast Duck Noodles from Hawker Stall(R)

Pepper Lunch (L) Mos Burger - Rice Burger (R)

I love Pepper Lunch, a Japanese fast food restaurant that serves meals on a hot plate. It's fun because every thing is thrown on a sizzling plate. Marketed as DIY steak! Mos Burger is always yummy especially their rice burgers! Fast food with a Japanese twist.


Dish This! said...

I'm in Boston Chomps withdrawal! Still travelling??

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