Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Saturday in Providence RI - Bravo Brasseire Review

Our friends recently moved to Providence so we headed down to visit them over the weekend. We were all starving and decided to go get some food. None of us were very familiar with the area and most of the restaurants seem to be closed in the afternoon.

We finally stumbled upon Bravo Brasseire. Doing a quick check on Yelp, we found that it was rated 4stars so we headed on in. The interior of the restaurant is brasserie style. We decided to start with the raw appetizers which included oysters, clams, and shrimp.

For lunch, I got a lobster club, and the friends got a pear salad, and croque madame. I thought the prices at Bravo were very reasonable! The lobster club was only $15 and chock full of delicious lobster. The bacon was a great accompaniment and the lobster did not have too much mayo. The croque monsieur ($10) was two times the size of what you would get in Boston. The pear salad was very large but sadly not particularly good.

Croque Madam

Lobster Club

Chomp Meter:
Three and a half chomps really because the quality to price ratio here is high. A nice option for a leisurely lunch at reasonable prices! We sat and chatted for a bit (restaurant wasn't full) and the wait staff were very patient. The menu at lunch is more limited however since many of the dishes are only available at dinner.

Bravo Brasserie
123 Empire Street
Providence, RI 02903
(401) 490-5112

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Anonymous said...

That area of Providence is always DEAD during the weekends. Hop over the river to the East Side (near Brown)-- that's where most of the good ethnic food in the state is (sadly)--- or the best in Italian is across 95 on Atwells Ave-- aka Federal Hill.

Other than that, you have to go south towards the water to find the better seafood-- Rhode Islanders are skeptical of seafood when they can't see the ocean from their table.

mini said...

Hi Cosetthetable- What are your recommendations for good Italian in Federal Hill? Or any great restaurant in that area for that matter. I'll share it with my friends :)

Rumela said...

My father is a huge fan of
croque madam and I always try to make it for him whenever we see my parents. He has yet to be fully blown away by any of the recipes i've tried. Simplicity is key, and yours looks perfect! Can't wait to try it. thank you for shearing your post.

Anonymous said...

Cosetthetable is clearly not from Prov. The area around Brown is NOT where the best ethnic food is. It's where the rip-off joints that cater to college students are. You want great ethnic food---and Prov is FULL of it---you gotta go where it's a little bit nasty.