Sunday, September 21, 2008

Andrew Zimmern in Goa, India

So I'm not really a huge fan of Andrew Zimmer. I'm more a Bourdain girl. You know, cynical. Also:

Zimmern is male, I'm female.
Zimmern is bald, I have thick luscious hair. It's true!
Zimmern is *ahem* pudgy, I'm not.
Zimmern hates durian. I love durian.

I have to admit however that I am rather fascinated by his show Bizarre Foods with Andrew Zimmern. With a weird sense of revulsion yet compulsion to keep watching, I see him pop random things in his mouth and blunder his way through different countries. I thought the Phuket episode was rather amusing. For the entire trip he kept saying SawadiKRAP when it should be SawadiKAP without anyone correcting him! *snicker* It's spelled that way but pronounced without the "R".

Anyway the folks at the Travel Channel decided to email me a promo of Zimmern's latest episode in Goa. Having been in the social media business previously, I decided to give them some support. And maybe they can let me have my own show one day? I AM SERIOUS :)

During my internship last summer, our ops guy was from Goa! Sounds like an awesome place and I really want to visit one day. So here's the Bizarre Foods video. The episode airs on Tuesday Sept 23rd on the Travel Channel.

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