Sunday, July 20, 2008

John's Market - A Korean Supermarket in Allston

Who would have known by it's name eh? After reading about John's Market on Foodie Mommy's blog, I decided to stop by the next time I was in the area.

John's Market is rather cool since it sells all sorts of Korean snacks, groceries, prepared meats, and panchans (banchan) that aren't really seen in other Asian grocery stores in the Allston area. You know like Super 88. There's a couple in the Cambridge area near MIT but I don't venture out that way as often.

Look at all the home made banchans and tupperwares full of kimchee!

You can see a photo of the meat case here. They do all kinds of marinated prepared meats like Galbi, Pork Belly, Bulgogi etc. You can then cook or bbq them at home yourself!

We got a couple bottles of Japanese lemonade (Ramune), some banchan: garlic stems, mini crabs, sprouts. Also picked up some cookies, a box of strawberry french pie and a hazelnut wafer thing (very yummy!). I found photos of the boxes online. The hazelnut wafer thing actually came in a purple box and the filling is whitish in color:

(Photos courtesy of Koamart and BiscuitVan)

While randomly surfing I also found a photo of this Korean cookie (Couque Dasse) I've tried before but haven't found in Boston. It is absolutely delicious, so try it if you ever find it:

(Photo from

I've uploaded a copy of the take out/ prepared foods menu here. If you can read Korean, please tell me what it says on the menu? :)

John's Market (Korean)
75 Linden St
Allston, MA 02134
617 202 3791

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Chomp Meter:
Another great addition to the Allston area. It's almost like having a Korean room mate whose mom sends yummy homemade food every weekend. :) I'll be back to try the prepared meats at this Korean grocer next time and perhaps hunt down the Couque Dasse! The prices of the snacks are very reasonable too. Each box was less than $3 which is much cheaper than the Japanese snacks you get at Kotobukiya.


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