Sunday, June 01, 2008

Min Sok - Take 2

There's been a bit of buzz lately about Min Sok. This Korean restaurant recently moved from its original location on Comm Ave to Brookline. They've also expanded their menu to include sashimi which has been quite popular with the Boston Korean expats/students.

Yesterday was our 3rd time there in the past month or so. On our first visit, we were armed with recommendations from a friend. This included the "Sashimi Set" from the Korean menu (you have to ask for it). The set runs $85 for a 3 course feast and feeds 2-4 people depending on your appetite. The meal starts with side dishes, a huge sashimi course, and ends with a spicy fish stew. What's really interesting however is that the sushi includes sea squirt and sea cucumber sashimi which I've never had before. Both are considered delicacies (aka expensive).

Now how the sea squirt and sea cucumber tastes is where it gets interesting. The sea cucumber was very crunchy (think of the coconut jelly you get in your bubble tea), salty with a strange bitter sweet flavor. I didn't love it but it was edible. The sea squirt on the other hand was quite a challenge the first time round. Of our group of 4, only 2 of us were managed to swallow the squirt. Besides looking rather scary, it tasted horrid too. We were rather traumatized after eating this. For those interested, the squirt has the consistency of an oyster and a weird liquorish aftertaste.

So why were we there again yesterday? Well P wanted to try the sea squirt again. He claims that it's an acquired taste and that it will taste better the second time round ... hrmm? I obliged since I forgot to bring my camera the first time and now I get to take photos! So anyway to conclude, the sea squirt really didn't taste so bad the second time. Sea squirt, I apologise, maybe I'll even like you after a few more tries. :)

But now, the most interesting part: the photos!

The side dishes started with shrimp rice porridge, spicy tuna maki, 4 grilled shrimp, seaweed salad, little sea snails (?), calamari, and a couple more I don't remember.

The mountain of sashimi you see here is the second course. The stuff at the base is the sea cucumber.

A close up of the sea squirt!

Min Sok
92 Harvard St
Brookline 02446

Chomp Meter:
We've been back 3x. Enough said. For the faint hearted, the Kalbi Jin is excellent! The broth is really sweet and rich and the meat is tender. YUM. I don't think I've had this at any other Korean restaurant in town.

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