Thursday, June 08, 2006

"High" Tea at Cha Fahn

UPDATE: This place is now closed.

I had to make a trip to Cha Fahn in Jamaica Plain after reading Eat and Destroy's blog entry.

Cha Fahn is a really cute place to chill and have tea. It's like an asian/zen cafe. What really stood out were these chairs with huge back rests that were as tall as a person! I couldn't decide if I wanted the cool window seat, or try sitting on the huge chairs. Apparently I found the huge chairs irresistable since I plunked my behind on one of them.

Check out the window seat. It probably looks more comfortable than it really is. Can't be much fun sitting on the floor :)
Cha Fahn

The tall chairs. I told you they were tall!
Tall Chairs at Cha Fahn

I ordered the Lichee Tea with Lichee Fruit (cold beverage). It was really good but then again I'm easily impressed. I like anything sweet or any drink with fruit in it. Maraschino cherries, lichee, longans ... all good. P was more adventurous and got the Lapsang Souchong (hot tea) which had a unique smokey flavor. Personally I thought it tasted carcinogenic haha ... but I am no tea connoisseur.

My lichee drink:
Cha Fahn - Lichee Tea

Since it was just about lunch time, we also got some tea sandwiches and an order of thai curry samosas. The sandwiches were small and cute and the flavors went well together. I particularly liked the apricot and goat cheese combination.

From L to R: Egg salad, goat cheese and apricot preserves, smoked salmon and cream cheese, and Shrimp with cucumber and curry spread.
Cha Fahn - Tea Sandwich Sampler

All in all we thought Cha Fahn was a nice place to hang out with good food. Our only peeve was the price which was on the expensive side. My iced tea was $5 (it doesn't even have vodka in it) and a medium mug of Pacman's tea was $4. The tea sandwiches were $12 for 8 tiny pieces. The 3 samosas were miniscule. We were still hungry when we left and $28 poorer.

Cha Fahn
763 Centre Street
Jamaica Plain, MA 02130

Chomp Meter: The 'newbury' prices need to come down and we'll most certainly be back! It is JP afterall ...


eatanddestroy said...

I'm glad that you liked Cha Fahn. I do agree with you that the prices are a bit much, but I cannot complain that their delicious sake cocktails only cost $6. I have not had their tea sandwiches, but when PK and I go for dinner, we usually split an appetizer and a main course. This usually fills us both up for a reasonable price.

Rhea said...

I live just a block from Cha Fahn. I like the one-of-a-kind atmosphere. Romantic, mysterious. In the warm weather months, they serve savory bubble teas. If you are accustomed to super-sweet bubble teas, the ones at Cha Fahn are a nice change.

bea at La tartine gourmande said...

I have to try this place! It looks really nice! Thanks for the tip!


mini-me said...

eatanddestroy> the cocktails are definitely value for money at ony $6! we'll have to fill up on that next time :D

rhea> Savory bubble tea? That's interesting! I'm game to try ...

bea> Thanks for visiting! I'll let you know how our paella goes.