Wednesday, April 12, 2006

To Chomp: Cafe Cakes in Watertown

I've been reading alot about Cafe Cakes lately. It's supposed to be a French Japanese bakery. As a self confessed sugarholic, and having grown up on Japanese style pastries, I feel that it is my duty to check out the place and soon. I also hear that they have the most delicious caramel milk tea, milk tea pudding, and strawberry latte shake on the menu. I really can't wait to go! I'm sure the cakes are all pretty too awwww, the Japanese take great pride in their presentation. *Dreams of cake*

If anyone has already been there, please let me know your verdict!

Update: I've visited. Read Chompster's Cafe Cakes Review.

Cafe Cakes
51 Galen St
mon-fri 7am-8pm
sat 8am-8pm
sun 9am-3pm

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Cafe Cakes --- Love it!!!! Try the mocha torte and the fresh fruit cream cake.