Thursday, April 27, 2006

Karoun and a Belly Dancing Video

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A friend of ours recommended Karoun in Newtonville. We've never had Armenian food before so we decided to give it a shot. The restaurant was a weird kind of family dining place. There was live music and a dance floor. But thankfully no one was dancing.

I didn't find the menu too exciting. It was mostly kebab dishes. I don't know much about Armenian cuisine but I was certainly expecting something more exciting than kebabs? I mean the Greeks have kebabs, the middle eastern folk have kebabs, the turkish have kebabs, and now the armenians too? Yawn.

Anyway, Pacman got the lamb kebabs (can't go wrong with the house specialty) while I got the Pork Tenderloin Kebab. I tried to pick the most exotic sounding one (it wasn't that hard). Pork Tenderloins marinated in pomergrante juice. But alas, the dish itself didn't live up to my expectations. It wasn't awful, the meat was tender and it tasted good but I could probably have gotten something similar at some other Mediterranean restaurant.

Pork Tenderloin Kebab:
Lamb Kabobs at Karoun

Oh wait before this became another boring meal, there appeared the belly dancer to the rescue. That was vaguely entertaining. Check out the video for yourself.

839 Washington Street
Newton, MA
(617) 964-3400

Chomp Meter:
Neh probably won't go back. Karoun touts itself as an Armenian, Mediterranean and Middle Eastern restaurant. Reminds me of my pet peeve, restuarants that serve korean, japanese, and thai cuisine! To me that is a warning sign that the food there isn't authentic :p or the restaurant has lost it's way somehow ... but I'm hard to please.

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Anonymous said...

Karoun is in Newtonville, not West Newton.

mini-me said...

Thanks anon ... my sense of direction is pathetic. I made the change.

Anonymous said...

Not many Armenians eat at the Karoun. If you want to try real Armenian food check out the shops in East Watertown.

mini-me said...

thanks for the tip! will look out the next time we're in the area

Lynne said...

saved by the belly dancer. that's a riot. hey, could you tell me how you embedded video in your blog? would love to do that on mine. thanks so much,

mini-me said...

hi lynne, go to and sign up for an account. it's a free hosting service. once your video is uploaded, go to the video's page and scroll towards the bottom of the page. you will see a field titled "Embeddable Player". Copy the code in the text box next to it and paste it in your blogger editor window. It's that simple!

Anonymous said...

dear blogger,
just wanted to let you know about the authenticity of karoun. the restaurant is owned by an armenian from lebanon. she cooks everything from scratch. after the armenian genocide many armenians were displaced to middle eastern countries forming a diaspora. among these countries was lebanon. sorry for the history lesson but the reason why all ethnicities in that area have kebob is because of the history of that area over 3000 years. There has been a greater melting pot effect there than we can imagine which is why i can understand all the food seeming the same to you. take it from someone whos mother is an armenian from lebanon. this food is very authentic and not just an armenian mashing up the menu.

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wait a minute.. what's the difference between the Armenian food and the German food? I couldn't find the answer.

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