Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Lam's Asian Cuisine

We dropped by Lam's for dinner last week because I was craving Khao Soi. I saw photos on Chubby Hubby's blog and simply had to have some. Yes I know, I'm weak minded and easy to market to.

Lam's is the only place I know that serves this dish (let me know if you've had it elsewhere). It's supposed to be Vietnamese but they serve some Thai and fusion dishes as well. I really enjoyed the Khao Soi. The crispy noodles you see on top are deep fried and they taste especially good when dipped in the curry!

Khao Soi

Pacman had the Mango Shrimp. That was delicious too. The mangos chunks were tangy but still went well with the sauce.

Mango Shrimp

We also had the larb lao. An appetizer made from minced chicken. I wasn't too excited by it initially. The taste of the meat was overpowering, but the more I ate the better it tasted. Perhaps I was just hungry.

Lam's Asian Cuisine
827 Washington St. (Walnut St.)
Newton, MA 02460

Chomp Meter:
I'd go back again if I were craving Khao Soi :) Also it's easy to find parking and it's usually bustling (so you don't feel like you're eating alone) but without a wait.

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Kristine said...

Their Khao Soi is delicious. I crave it all the time!!

Great blog, btw. Found you via UniversalHub :-)

mini-me said...

hi kristine! glad you like the blog :) yours is very interesting toO.

Anonymous said...

their food may be good, but their service is horrible. wait staff was unbelievably rude to a colleague who was handicapped. would NEVER go there again.

Anonymous said...

We've been going there for years. Not only is the food delicious, attractively served, and reasonably priced, we've never experienced anything but kind and professional service at this solid family owned restaurant. ANY rude waitstaff is long gone.