Friday, December 26, 2008

Beijing: Dong Hua Men Night Market

Dong Hua Men night market was featured on a couple travel shows including Samantha Brown and Bizarre foods so naturally I had to make a trip to see what all the fuss is about. I'm not sure how I planned to get there since I had no clue where it was and I am clueless when it comes to directions :P

Luckily for me we stumbled upon the market while exploring off Wang Fu Jing (the main shopping street). So if you're planning a trip to Beijing bear that in mind! I have to report though that I was very unadventurous. We didn't end up trying anything except for dessert because we'd consumed a whole lot of duck at Li Qun. Then greedily stuffed our faces with some Beard Papa cream puffs.

I do bring photos of the weird and bizzare however.

Innard Kebabs?

Sea Urchin and Crabs?

And don't forget the insects. GULP:

The Beijing colleague reminised about eating "Tang Hu Lu" as a child, so that was the lame snack we got at Dong Hua Men. It's a kind of candied fruit on a stick? If you've ever had "Haw Flakes" from Chinatown, the fruit tastes just like that, but sickly sweet since it's dipped in a hard sugar coating. This is one dessert I didn't like.

Sticks and sticks of Tang Hu Lu:

Chomp Meter:
I can't really rate this since I didn't eat much there but it's definitely worth a stroll around so you can scare yourself with the weird foods available haha. Just a disclaimer too that the market is geared towards tourists. It felt kinda staged to me :p

Dong Hua Men Avenue
West of Wang Fu Jing Avenue
Beijing 100005


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Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

I can see where you're coming from, you being foreign to chinese culture, but its actually not staged, as most of those stores were there before americans found it and made it a tourist place, those stores were the stalls that made the americans/europeans atttracted to the place, in fact, so its not "staged", its the other way around. But, being Taiwanese-American myself, where the night markets in Taiwan are much more tame, I get it. Just please dom't disrespect a culture by calling the tang hu lus "lame" and calling their traditions "staged". Its rude and (though I would expect nothing less from foreigners) incredibly closed minded.