Tuesday, September 09, 2008

To Try List for Fall

I've been getting in that rut again. You know when you keep going to the same restaurants because you know they are consistently good? And you want to try a new restaurant but can't think of anything? And most restaurants visited without a recommendation from a trusted source aren't usually up to par.

Sigh the problems I have =p

So I've put together my wish list as a reference for future dining. If you love any of these restaurants, please give me recommendations through the comments box on what to get! :)


Green Tea 2 (Framingham) - Been seeing rave reviews about this on Chowhound.
Namaskar - I've always been fascinated by Indian Chinese food.
RF O'Sullivans (Somerville)- Burgers
The Clam Box - Been craving fried clams lately but I have to hurry.

FuLoon (Malden) - Again, raves on Chowhound!
Hungry Mother (Kendall) - We had to cancel our reservation once but will try again.
La Voile (Newbury) - Finally a decent spot on Newbury?


Dish This! said...

La Voile was delicious! Nice cheese plate and foie gras.

mini said...

Ooo love foie gras. Is the serving size generous? Hehe

nayiri said...

Definitely get over to Fuloon... Ditto Clam Box before the "season" is ends!

mini said...

Hi Nayiri, any must try dishes at Fuloon?

BryanieC said...

I am craving clams too! Is The Clam Box T-accessible? Oh, how NOT having a car limits my food choices! ;-)

mini said...

bryanie...the commuter rail goes out to Quincy :) though it will be a hike. not too much to ask of a foodie perhaps? haha

Kid Bruno said...

Namaskar is some of the best Indian food around the area. It is second only to the Kebab Factory. Namaskar is much better than the more popular Diva, which sits next door.

mini said...

hi kid bruno, i like kebab factory! what to get at Namaskar?