Friday, September 26, 2008

Acai Shake and Frog Legs

We've been hanging around Inman Square again because my car had a flat battery. Off topic, but our mechanic is pretty awesome. If you're looking for a good mechanic who works on BMW's drop me an email. This will save you tons of money over Herb Chambers.

Being in the area yesterday afternoon was the perfect opportunity to drop by our favorite Brazilian restaurant, Muqueca. Everyone in the restaurant seemed to be having an acai shake so I ordered one too.

Acai's supposed to be the new super fruit with high antioxident content. It's even been mentioned on Oprah (not that I watch Oprah!). The fruit is generally sweet with a slight herbal/medicinal taste.

In addition to my staple mariscada, a seafood coconut stew, we also ordered frog leg appetizers. I've never had them fried before. The taste was like chicken but very chewy.

Acai Shake (L) Frog Legs (R)

After finishing the meal (rice, beans, yuca flour and all), I was promptly hit by a food coma. Thankfully, Cafe Casal is right next door. We headed there for espressos which was exactly what I needed.

Chomp Meter:

4.5 Chomps. One of my all time favorite places to dine in Cambridge. Enough said. You HAVE to get the mariscada and mix it with their house special hot sauce. Sprinkle some yuca flour over for texture and you're ready to eat. Divine!

1093 Cambridge St
Cambridge, MA 02139
(617) 354-3296

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Cafe Casal on Urbanspoon

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