Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Takara Sushi - Pass

SO insisted on trying Takara Sushi in Newton Highlands because he was too lazy to drive further. Yelp has it at 4 stars. Despite the rating, I'm always wary about new sushi places because they're usually a disappointment :P So now I get to say I told you so! Hehe

The inside of Takara sushi is actually rather cute. It is filled with Japanese knick knacks hanging from the ceiling. I confess to being tacky and a hello kitty fan so I liked it!

We ordered a chirashi set, a spicy salmon roll, and natto maki. The roll was ok and the natto maki was good (I love natto). The fish was very fresh too and the portions were generous though that's where it ends. We were rather amused by the cuts of fish in the chirashi. All were rectangular shaped. Seems like the chef hasn't had much experience in cutting fish heehee!

Takara Sushi
1180 Walnut St
Newton Highlands, MA 02461
(617) 332-7898

Chomp Meter:
I won't be back, though to be fair the fish they use is really fresh and the portions generous. Oh yes the prices are pretty cheap too for sushi.

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Jenny T. said...

You love natto?! I have a few pictures of my first encounter with natto that I will post soon in my Japanese feast trilogy. I was fed "beginner's" natto - the least stinky version I am told.

Boston Chomps said...

hi jenny, can't wait to see the photos :) I think the first time I tried natto was at Oga's. Wasn't too traumatic for me fortunately. Maybe I've had good practice with durian hehe

i love natto with tuna or squid (u can get it at Blue Fin). I also like natto on top of tofu, or you can even have natto with rice cakes. ahh the possibilities are endless!

Tom Aarons said...

Maybe the chef was having a really grumpy day. And just wanted to chop things. Chop CHOP CHOP!!! :)

mini said...

Hi Tom, haha yeah perhaps, don't you get in his way now!!