Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Aroa Fine Chocolates - Nice concept but ...

Aroa Fine Chocolates is in the South End a couple doors down from Flour. I've been debating whether to try the chocolates at Aroa for a while now but the lack of people in the shop make me reconsider each time.

Anyway we finally checked it out last weekend. Aroa is more of a cafe/dessert shop that sells not just chocolates but also pastries, cakes, macarons, and jelly candies.

The chocolates:

The pastries:

The macarons:

The first thing I noticed was that the cakes didn't look as sophisticated for a fine pastry shop. The edges of the cream and sponge were not clean lines and looked amateurish. I have a weakness for cake so I tried a piece anyway. It tasted pretty good just didn't look as nice.

I also tried a piece of the stout chocolate. It was ok. I still love Kee's Chocolates from NYC (oh so good).

Though there were many flavors of French macaroons, the one I had was disgusting. The cookie part didn't taste fresh. The crust was too thick, not crispy on the outside and too chewy. It also tasted too sweet. (The flavor I got was the raspberry chocolate). I didn't try the others so I don't know if this was an exception ...

I stole a sip of the SO's hot chocolate. It was good but not L.A. Burdick good.

Aroa Fine Chocolates
1651 Washington St
Boston, MA 02118
(617) 425-4988

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Chomp Meter:
I like that they had ample seating. Maybe I'll try one of the pastries next time. They have cute mini brioches and muffins etc. But with Flour right next door, I don't know if I'll take another chance on Aroa.


Anonymous said...

check out Chocolee at 83 Pembroke Street....I'd love to read your review.

mini said...

hi there- I recently read about Chocolee on chowhound, I have high hopes for that place :) will let u know ...

Mark by Chocolate said...

If you like hot chocolate, try mine out. I love the spicy. If you like hot chocolate, you have to try Mr. (Hot) Chocolate, Jacques Torres. It's great.

Larry's chocolates are great. I agree with you. He has a bistro as well as a chocolate shop. Very nice. I like his restaurant better than Chocolate Springs. The bistro is a feeder to his chocolate shop. I also heard he is opening a store in Cambridge. Good for him.

Making pastries is very hard. There is a great shop on Eagle Rock Road in NJ in East Hanover. Very good. Very.

Mark by Chocolate said...

Oh, and I forgot to mention L.A. Burdick is opening a store in Cambridge. You lucky.

Boston Chomps said...

hi mark by chocolate! will check out your chocolates...and the jacque torres next time i'm in nyc!

ps. burdick's in cambridge is already open! :) recently renovated I believe

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