Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Green Tea Chinese Restaurant

After 12 days in Ecuador we were really missing some good ol chinese food. We stopped by Green Tea in Newton to get some sze chuan beef noodles (on the special menu) after picking our dog up from "summer camp".

Green Tea in Newton

IMO Green Tea has the best and most authentic beef noodles (chuan wei nu rou mian) in the area. The beef is tender, the noodles are thick, and the herbed broth is extremely flavorful and just a little spicy. I'm also partial to the salted vegetables that come with the dish. The noodles are priced at $7.50 per bowl. Pretty reasonable I'd say.

I apologize for not having any photos of the noodles. I was so hungry I forgot :)

Chomp Meter:
We frequent this place but only for the beef noodles. We've had some other dishes on the menu that weren't really up to par (your typical american chinese fare). Try at your own peril! Green Tea also serves sushi but I'm kind of a sushi snob and I doubt that a Chinese restaurant would have good sushi.

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Green Tea
24 Elliot Street
Newton Highlands
(617) 965-2260

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eatanddestroy said...

I have only been here once and it was just for drinks. The bartender recommended that PK and I have one of their "special Mai Tai." Holy crap, the drink was served in a glass almost as big as a fish bowl. Now, I am looking forward to going back and trying their food (along with several of their drinks).

mini-me said...

more reason to go back now? :)

also heard recently that there is a taiwanese chicken dish that is good. let me know if you end up trying it before I do!

Dr.Gray said...
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