Saturday, March 18, 2006

Restaurant Week @ 75 Chestnut

A bunch of us headed down to 75 Chestnut in Beacon Hill yesterday evening for dinner. I'd never heard about the place before but apparently it's been mentioned several times in the Improper Bostonian's food special so there we were!

Since it’s restaurant week they offered a prefix menu. Pacman got the following combination:

  • Roasted Parsnip Soup- This was good but a tad salty and heavy.

  • Seared Salmon – Not bad, but again too salty.

  • Bittersweet Chocolate Brownie – Yum but I wasn’t floored

  • As for me I wanted the poached oysters as an appetizer but they were sold out. :( I eventually settled on the scallops as a starter and potato crusted cod for the main course that weren’t from the prefix menu. The scallops were alright and the cod well surprise surprise… kinda salty! On a more positive note however, both the cod and salmon were nicely cooked and very fresh.

    My scallops:

    Our friend S's mussels:

    The salmon. The photo didn't turn out too well, there isn't enough lighting not to use flash!

    The brownie:

    The other members of the gang also got the veal, I’m not sure what their verdict on it is. Guys?

    Chomp Meter:
    Pacman and I are unlikey to go back so this won't make our chompster favorites list. However, perhaps the quality wasn’t up to par because of restaurant week so let us know if you've had a better experience!

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