Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Fast Food Indian Style - Punjabi Dhaba

I first heard about this place from my Indian buddy. He explained that a dhaba is a no frills place frequented by cab drivers and serving the most delicious food. And according to him (and several other co-workers), the quality of food at Punjabi Dhaba lives up to its name.

After reading eat and destroy's post on Chompster and remembering these recommendations, Pacman and I were inspired. We headed down to Inman square to check the place out. It was small, smokey, and very crowded. But hey, I subscribe to the theory that the more people there are and the dingier the place, the better the food.

We ordered the chicken biryani, mutter paneer (an all time favorite of mine), the dahi papri, and a plain lassi. All three dishes were excellent! Oh and for the uninitiated, the lassi is in the fridge :) ... I had to ask.

The inside with Pacman's shoulder on the right.

Check out the Bollywood MTV playing in the background.

The dahi papri. Damn this was good! It's fried crackers with tomatoes and chick peas in a yogurt sauce. Though I would have preferred it with more chickpeas and less of the fried cracker.

The chicken biryani and mutter paneer. Pacman says the biryani reminds him of food back home :) As for me, the mutter paneer reminded me of my ex roomie's cooking. Yum!

Chomp Meter:
It's definitely one of the best (and cheapest) Indian restaurants in Boston. Our meal cost us less than $20 and we were stuffed. Two thumbs up!

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Marc said...

I love the TV dinner trays and the dingy upstairs dining area at Punjabi Dhaba. And the food is pretty amazing, isn't it? One of my favorite Indian restaurants in the Boston area.

mini-me said...

haha yes the dinner trays are cute! thought these days I usually go for take out instead.