Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Quality Chinese Food @ Sichuan Gourmet

Sichuan Gourmet Entrance

I used to be a Natick/Framingham townie so I was all excited when Sichuan Gourmet (lao sichuan) opened a branch along route 9 in Framingham. Actually, we've already been there several times but I've been too lazy to take photos.

I'm really starting to like Sichuan Gourmet. Their menu has improved alot over time and the restaurant really reminds me of popular Chinese restaurants in Asia. I attribute this to the more up to date decor that you don't see in Chinatown or Boston Chinese places. Also, the place is always crowded which adds to the bustling atmosphere.

We ordered 4 dishes to share family style. The shanghai veggie with mushrooms, braised whole fish with pine nuts, house special steamed fresh bacon, and a lamb with cumin dish.

The fatty pork (bacon) is a typical Chinese dish and was very good. I also really enjoyed the fish which was fried and cooked in a tangy sauce. The cumin made the lamb dish taste a little like american chilli but with a Chinese twist. Excellent flavors overall!

Shanghai Veggies:
Shanghai Vegetable with Mushrooms

Fish with Pine Nuts
Special Fish with Pine Nuts

Chinese bacon
Lao Sichuan Special Bacon

The other dishes we've tried are the sichuan double cooked bacon, beef with hot green pepper (spicy but very good), dan dan noodles, crab meat with asparagus soup. There are more but I don't remember.

Chomp Meter:
Sichuan Gourmet gets my vote for being one of the best Chinese restaurants in the area. I actually like it more than most of the Chinatown places :P I'm thinking of this place for our Chinese New Year dinner...

See Sichuan Gourmet on a map on Chompster.com

See more Sichuan Gourmet photos here

Sichuan Gourmet (Framingham)
271 Worcester RD. (Rte.9),
Framingham, MA 01701

Sichuan Gourmet (Billerica)
Convenient Plaza, 502 Boston Rd.
Billerica MA


Adam said...


Thanks a lot for the posts and especially for the beautiful photos.

I want to send you an invitation to a pre-launch event for my start-up, which is working on a website that has to do with restaurants in the Boston area.
If you'd like to hear more and receive an invitation please write me an email at adamgse@gmail.com.



evan said...

Speaking of offers: I linked to your post on Muqueca's, and aside from saying hello here, I was wondering if you'd like to post food reviews on Boston Metblogs, or whatever else you'd like.

(Drop me a line at adjectiveanimal@gmail.com if you're interested.)

Jayinee said...

hey, i have a food blog that i recently started and i found your blog while i was looking for pics of tj buckley's (the duck was much better when i visited). i really enjoy reading your blog though and can't wait to try out some of the places you have reviewed :-)

Shelley said...

Glad you shared this. We took out from there and were quite underimpressed, particularly with the soups. I look forward to reading more!

Beth (author of another Boston-area food blog: foodiemommy.blogspot.com )

Josh said...

One of my favrite places, used to work around the corner. My favorite dish was the szechuan style stir-friend chicken with smokey hot peppers. Ask for it extra dry. Lots of the menu is typical american style chinese, but the authentic dishes make my friends from Beijing happy.

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