Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Buk Kyung II

Buk Kyung 2 - Allston, MA

It's so true that ordering the right dishes at a restaurant make or break the experience. I first went to Buk Kyung II in Allston several months ago but wasn't impressed. I got the unexciting bibimbap and decided it was cheaper to eat at the Super 88 food court.

Last weekend however, the friends changed my mind about the place. We went back armed with tips on what to get. Apparently Buk Kyung really means Beijing in korean, and the place is famous for it's korean-chinese food. Duh ... looks like I got all the wrong dishes the last time.

We ordered the Ja Jiang Myun (house specialty), the Naeng Myun (since it's majorly hot out) and the Sachun Tangsooyuk (a fried pork dish with chilli sauce). In fact, I spied the Koreans dining there having the same couple dishes so I felt pretty good about the choices =)

The first dish out was the Sachun Tangsooyuk. It was delicious! The pork was nicely fried and then covered in a spicey sweet sauce. Kind of similar to sweet and sour sauce but way better!

Oh it was so good ... comes highly recommended in my book:
Sachun Tangsooyuk

Here's the ja jang myun. A refreshing variation of the chinese ja jiang mian. The bean paste sauce included potatoes which was interesting. Delicious!
Ja Jang Myun

Finally, the naeng myun. It was pretty good. I especially liked that the noodles were 'al dente' and kinda springy!
Naeng Myun

And that's all for today folks! Let me know if you have other recommended dishes!

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Buk Kyung II
151 Brighton Ave.
Allston, MA

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Authentic fare! Will definitely be back if I am craving ja jang myun or the sachun tangsooyuk. Mmmm who can resist fried bite-sized meat! I don't think there are any korean places in Boston that specialize in korean-chinese food.


eatanddestroy said...

I haven't been to Buk Kyung II in a while, well before I started eatanddestroy. I remember being blown away by some of their seafood dishes since the fish, flavor, and the amount of spice were outstanding. I just wish I remembered what I ordered... I need to go back there soon.

mini-me said...

let me know if you do. i want to try the seafood dishes too :)

Paul said...

If you like Buk Kyung II, you should try the original Buk Kyung in Union Square. Personally, I think it's much better.

And, yes, the classic dish is the ja jung myung, which purportedly is what Marco Polo saw in his alleged trip to China--and that he later turned into spaghetti upon "re"-turning to Italy.

Nayoung said...

I googled "bukkyung" and it led me to your site. My parents own the restaurants! That's my Mom in your picture, lol. Well, I'm glad you're enjoying the food. On behalf of my parents, thanks for coming!


mini-me said...

hi nayoung! that is v cool that you found our site. any 'special' dishes, not on the menu, to recommend? :)

paul ... don't think the italians will agree that spaghetti came from china! lol

Nayoung said...

well, there are a lot of Korean dishes.. but our restaurants are Korean-Chinese cuisine but we still do have authentic Korean food. We're not a steakhouse so we don't have Kalbi - marinated short ribs which are probably one of my favorite foods..sooo good. I also love Kim Bap which is like Sushi..except there isn't any fish..unless you count the fishcake stuff.
Why didn't you like the Bi Bim Bap? It's so good..especially in the stone pot all sizzling.. I was offended when you said you could've eaten at Super 88! No way, that place is can taste the differences.. our food is so much better! Visitors from Korea even say that our ja ja myun is better than Korea's.. and people come up from Jersey all the time just to eat it.

sarah said...

omggg i LOVE bukkyung II!!! (lovee the original one too) i live in MA, but my college is outta state, so i'm always craving it during the school year. so obviously, its one of the first places i go to when i come home for breaks & one of the last before i leave! gotta agree with the nayoung girl about the bibimbap tho, cause i think its awesome. even tho super 88 may be cheaper, i think their quality reflects the price. i'd def dish out a few more dollars for better quality & flavor. i love all the other dishes you tried too (obvsiouly i go here a lot...haha) try the gangpoongki sometime too, i absolutely lovee it. ohh and the jambong!!!! its seafood & noodles in a spicy soup. amazingg. and the mapa tofu's really good too! :]

Anonymous said...

Hi, notice Sarah said she loves the Jambong. I love Jambong from 88 market food court too, and have been wanting to try out this restaurant to see if it is just as good.
How good is it? What's in it? what's the price like?

mini-me said...

anon@12.16pm ...the price isn't much more than the super 88 foodcourt. I haven't tried the jambong @bukkung tho :)

Anonymous said...

This restaurant is great! I am coming there this weekend with all my friends!

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