Sunday, June 25, 2006

La Casa de Pedro ... es su casa

This restaurant in Watertown serves great Spanish/Venezualan food! Even though this is the only time we've been there, I'm already really liking the place.

Not wanting to battle the crowds in Boston, we decided to head down last Friday evening. I hate circling for parking and liked that we were able to find parking quickly. The place was busy when we got there but it wasn't packed so we were able to get a seat right away. A rather prime seat on the patio if I might add.

We started off with some sangrias which were perfect. Not too alcohlic and not too sweet. For our appetizer, the waiter recommended Arepes with chicken and avocado. There was this glimmer of excitement in his eyes as he described it so of course we had to get it. They were delicious!

We saw another couple (they looked like they knew what they were doing) order the Paella as an appetizer. It was packed with seafood and looked so good that I almost wanted to ask if I could take a photo of it :)

Next came our main courses. The Pedro's Birthday Dish for Pacman. It's really steak, chorizo and blood sausage. Can I say heart attack on a plate? We devoured most of it except for the blood sausage. Perhaps I'm not used to the taste, but it wasn't flavored very well causing my imagination to run wild with thoughts of assorted animal parts! *gulp*

Pedro's Birthday Dish

Here's my Kristofer's Camarones Tropical. The shrimp even came in a coconut which was cute. The sauce was delicious as well. Sweet and coconuty. Yum!
Kristofer’s Camarones Tropicales

And here's a bonus photo of the patio with Pedro himself!

Patio at La  Casa de Pedro

See La Casa de Pedro and other foodie finds on a map at

La Casa de Pedro
343 Arsenal St.
Watertown, MA 02472
Phone: 617.923.8025

(They are now near the Panera Bread in Watertown.)

See their menu

La Casa de Pedro on Urbanspoon

Chomp Meter:
I love this place! Great quality food without the hassle of going into Boston. There's also a good variety of entree's so there's bound to be something for everyone. Possibly one of my favorite Spanish places in Boston.


Lisa said...

I agree. This place is great. Watertown is a pretty good food town in general -- many holes-in-walls in addition to fancier places like Pedro's. Watertown's only four square miles but has 71 restaurants/sandwich shops/specialty markets. Can barely swing a cat without hitting a kebab around here. Here's the H2otown Restaurant Guide.

mini-me said...

hi lisa, we live in the town next door so we'll definitely be back. didn't know that about watertown and I love your cat comparison!!! LOL

and thanks for the h2otown tip ..will subscribe

desi said...


I am Venezuelan and i was googling la casa de Pedro becasuse someone talked to me about it... for what I have read it seems prety authentic Venezuelan food. I have also been told that they are allready serving the tradicional food for chrismast (the hallaca). If you went there and you liked it,, then you should definetly go again and try this very tipic dish, that it is nothing like you have taste before.

margarito said...
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