Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Breakfast @ Sound Bites

We wanted to try a new breakfast place last weekend. Our choices were Blue Room in Kendall Square, Stephanie's on Newbury, or Sound Bites in Somerville. We eventually settled on Sound Bites (the cheapest hah).

Pacman and I got there a little late. As we drove past, we saw that a line had already formed outside. I was surprised that our friends managed to get seats for us. Well, turns out that they had to order for us as well!

I found the experience quite stressful. Yes, the whole 20 minutes we were there :p. The place is really small and the wait staff like vultures. You have to watch for them. Seriously. They swoop in to grab your plate before you're even done. I noticed this one waiter eyeing our friend, J's plate, waiting ... just waiting for him to put his fork down. No kidding!

Anyway, I digress. The food was yummy and the friends made excellent choices on our behalf! French toast stuffed with figs and cream cheese for me, and chocolate chip pancakes with eggs for Pacman.

My french toast. Delicious!

Chomp Meter:
This is a toss up. Though the breakfast was quite delish, I wouldn't go back because 1) I don't think it's worth the wait 2) my stomach disagrees with me inhaling my breakfast and 3) there are so many other places to try!

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Ray said...

Sound Bites is a favorite for me and could well become one for you. My family have breakfasted there when we could since 2004.

After the time of the Chomps review early in 2006, Sound Bites become a full service restaurant. The physical plant has doubled in size and offers windows-open dining during the season. While the pace is much more relaxed, the food is still outstanding and the prices are still very reasonable.

For great breakfasts, I suggest the Tunisian, Mexican or Tom, Art and Jack omelets. If you prefer breakfast breads, my daughter suggests the pear and goat cheese stuffed French Toast. My lady friend recommends one of the many variants on Eggs Benedict.

In addition to great breakfasts, the menu now offers fine Mediterranean lunches and dinners. If you do not find something you like at Sound Bites, your taste must be too exotic to be satisfied very often. Highly recommended.